Do The Laundry While Saving Money, Time, & Energy With Whirlpool & Nest

This post is part of a partnership with Whirlpool’s Every day, care. campaign. I had a great time learning about their new innovations at the Consumer Electronics Show and am really excited to share them with you! – Meagan


I’ll admit it: when my husband brought home a Nest thermostat a few years ago, I was skeptical. 

“What’s so hard about walking over to the wall to adjust the temperature?” I asked (very nearly continuing with “Back in my day…” while shaking my cane.)

But within a few months, I was a convert.

After we adjusted the temperatures ourselves for a while (often from bed, which is awesome in and of itself,) Nest soon seemed to realize what our preferences are and took over the job. Rather than having to program the thermostat myself or remember to turn it down before I go to bed, Nest now senses when our family is awake and active, when we’re in bed, and when we’re gone – and adjusts the heat or cooling up and down accordingly. Soon I realized we were saving money on our utility bills without having to think about our heating and cooling at all. 

So when I was at the Consumer Electronics Show and discovered that Nest technology, is for the first time, teaming up with an appliance brand – our sponsor, Whirlpool! – to help families save money, energy and time on their laundry, I was more than a little bit intrigued. 

(Here’s a short video about the new partnership between Nest and Whirlpool. You’ll see a glimpse of Jim Higley, Leticia Barr and I around the 30-second mark!) 



 Some of the features I most appreciate about the new Nest-integrated Duet laundry system:

  • You know how sometimes you’d like to switch a load of laundry before running out to do an errand, but don’t want to leave laundry wrinkling in the dryer while you’re gone? Nest uses motion detectors and your family’s usual patterns to detect when you’re gone, and will automatically switch the Whirlpool Duet system to Wrinkle Shield mode, fluffing periodically to keep your clothes fresh and wrinkle-free. While you’re away, Nest will also tell your washer and dryer to switch into slower, longer energy-saving mode. 
  • Like a lot of moms, one of the last things I often do before heading to bed at night is toss a load of laundry in the wash…but I’m not always crazy about all the noise it can make while the kids are getting to sleep. The Nest system recognizes when your house has settled down for the night and automatically switches the washer and dryer to quiet mode, slowing down the cycles to keep bumping and banging to a minimum and temporarily silencing all those beeps and buzzes.
  • All of the Duet laundry system’s Works With Nest features can easily be overridden remotely using an app on your phone – so if you really need that buzz to remind you to switch the laundry so your daughter will have her soccer uniform tomorrow, no problem. 

Cool, huh? Like I’ve said many times before, I can be a bit of a Luddite at times and am rarely interested in technology just for tech’s sake. But innovations I don’t have to think about that make caring for my family simpler and more economical while I’m off grocery shopping, watching their basketball game, or even sleeping? Yes please!

I’d love for you to check out the Whirlpool Duet – Works With Nest video above and let me know what feature most appeals to you! Don’t forget that you can also keep up with the Every day, care. conversation on Twitter and Facebook by following the hashtag #EveryDayCare!

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