Every day, care: It’s what we do, and it matters.

Over the next few weeks, I’ll be writing a series of posts in partnership with Whirlpool’s Every day, care. Campaign. 

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You’ve probably noticed it’s been quiet around here over the last two weeks. That’s because Sarah and I decided to mostly power down over the holiday so that we could focus on celebrations, our kids, and gathering with family and friends.

In my household, the holidays mean hosting large gatherings. It also means that my kitchen and laundry room see way more action than usual. The washing machine and dryer have doubled their workload, the fridge is packed with food, we’ve had huge – and nearly constant – meals on the stove or in the oven, and the dishwasher has been running pretty much nonstop for two weeks. 

This is what it looks like to take care of the people we love most, isn’t it? We put in the up-front work and then rely on a cast and crew of machines to take over and work seamlessly – and preferably, soundlessly – in the background so that we can get back to the business of hosting, talking, and laughing (or in my family’s case, singing and dancing.)

As I’ve written here many times before, I’m not someone who gets excited about tech for tech’s sakes. I tend to use what works and stick with it until I’m dragged reluctantly along with the tide of advancement. I live more in a world of ideas and ideals than shiny new gadgets and toys, and tend to be an early adopter only of those innovations that help me feel more curious about the world and connected to the people in it.

Which is probably why Whirlpool’s new Every day, care project speaks to me so much – and why I’m thrilled to be partnering with them to attend the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas next week. 

The Every day, care campaign is dedicated to the importance of family care: lifting up the impact that all that cleaning, cooking, and laundering we do has on the people we care most about. According to Whirlpool, “The little acts of washing, drying, cooking, cleaning may seem routine, but they have the power to change the world.”

I couldn’t agree more and I’m thrilled to share with you some technology I can get really excited about – the kind that aims to simplify our lives so that we can spend more time taking care of each other.  

Check here for posts from CES over the next couple of weeks featuring glimpses of what’s new and exciting from the show floor, and a special podcast I’ll be recording in Las Vegas. You can also follow along with me and other Whirlpool CES bloggers by following the hashtag #EveryDayCare on Twitter. 

Looking forward to “taking you” to Vegas with me and discussing how household technology can make it easier to take good care of our families!

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