Smart innovation from Whirlpool to make caring for our families simpler, every day.

I spent two days in Las Vegas this week, attending the Consumer Electronics Show in partnership with Whirlpool. This is part of a series of posts I’ll be writing about what I saw there!

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Whew! What a whirlwind week. After getting the kids off to school on Tuesday, Jon and I drove the two hours to O’Hare airport in Chicago and boarded a plane to Las Vegas to attend the Consumer Electronics Show. (It was not easy to come home to frigid temperatures and wildly blowing snow, let me tell you!)

If you’ve never been to CES, here are some words to explain it: exciting, huge, loud, bright, and frankly, overwhelming. There are so many gadgets, devices, and accessories to look at, and as someone who only gets excited about technology when I’ve seen how it can make a difference in my life, it can all be a bit much.

But when I walked into the Whirlpool booth, where I’d be spending most of my time, I immediately calmed down. The booth felt warm, cozy, and inviting, and really illustrated Whirlpool’s focus on every day care: it’s not just about the appliances and their bells and whistles, but what those innovations can do for real families. 

It was hard to choose my favorite Whirlpool products featured at CES, but I did fall madly in love with their new Sunset Bronze kitchen suite – it features a finish that updates stainless with a warmer glow, PLUS fingerprint resistance.

I’d love for you to watch this short video in which I get very! excited! about the new kitchen and gesticulate wildly with my hands.

I’ll be putting up a couple more posts about my experience with Whirlpool at CES – including a podcast I recorded with fellow bloggers Leticia Barr and Jim Higley, next week – featuring some of the other cool products I saw there.

But today I just want to say how much I appreciate the sentiment behind Whirlpool’s Every day, care. campaign and how excited I am to be part of this project. I have been writing for years about the idea of viewing household work as valuable, worthy, and important, and it’s nice to see my feelings reflected so well in a marketing campaign.

To find out more about Every day, Care, here’s another video that explains the concept...and also features a Johnny Cash version of “You Are My Sunshine” which, I’ll admit, made me more than a little teary. 

Make sure to check back next Wednesday to find the Home Hour episode I recorded right from Las Vegas! In it, Leticia, Jim and I discuss some of the products we saw at CES and share how the act of caring for our households – and one another – looks in each of our homes. 

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