Easing school-year anxiety, plus more tips and tricks

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This pic is of my two oldest boys on their very first day of school together – nine years ago! Check out Isaac’s eyes, on the left. Think he looks a little freaked out?

Now that I’ve got four kids in school, you’d think the whole process would be old hat. But there’s still a little anxiety mixed up in that excitement when school starts, every year. And it doesn’t go away by the time the bell rings on that first day, either.

7-year-old Owen is always convinced there’s some bit of knowledge he was supposed to pick up over the summer and didn’t. 9-year-old William is mostly worried about which friends will be in his class. And the big kids tell me they just want nice teachers and good classes, but I can tell there are other worries going on behind those teenage eyes.

I’m mostly just worried about missing some important piece of paperwork that I’m sure is crumpled up at the bottom of one of their backpacks.

My latest article in partnership with Goldfish Smiles is all about dealing with those early school-year anxieties.

From the post:

“While the back-to-school season can be exciting, it can also bring with it emotions like sadness, fear, and anxiety – for kids AND parents. Here are some ways I try to ease the transition in our house so that back-to-school is a happy time…”

Read the whole post and get my tips for easing into back-to-school season over at Goldfish Smiles. Wishing you and your kids a happy and stress-free back-to-school season!

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