When my kids take after me…for better or for worse.

little girl with dimples

This post was written as part of a compensated partnership with Goldfish Smiles.

Yes, those ridiculous dimples are mine. ALL MINE! I take full credit for them, as well as the dimples in the cheeks and chins of my other four kids.

I also like to take credit for Clara’s imagination. Isaac’s sense of humor. William’s love of books. And the list goes on…

But sometimes, my kids reflect back not-so-great traits that I also have to rather sheepishly recognize as my very own. The truth is, our children are often mirrors of our least-attractive behavior. The trick is using those “reflections” to improve, rather than just getting lost in guilt. 

My latest Goldfish Smiles story is all about my “five mirrors” and how they help me be a better mom. From the post:

“Rather than getting puffed up with pride when my kids are being awesome (and blaming somebody else for the times they aren’t), I use their not-so-great behavior as a chance to examine my own. Those five ‘mirrors’ in my house are an opportunity to see myself the way my kids see me.”

Read the full post, Five Mirrors in My House, over at Goldfish Smiles – and while you’re there, let me know how your kids take after you!

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