When The Littlest Still Believes (For Now)

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Happy Monday, everyone! Can you believe we’re just 10 days away from Christmas?

As Meagan and I wrap up our big week of giveaways last week (check your email! did you win?), we thought we’d share a piece Meagan wrote for The Washington Post earlier this month. If you’ve got little Santa believers at home – or if you did and now they’re grown – you’ll really enjoy this piece. I know I did.

Here’s a little snippet, and we hope you’ll head over to WaPo to read the whole thing.

When you have a number of small children in the house, it can still feel like you have all the time in the world for make-believe and magic. But as it turns out, the number of firsts and lasts, of holidays all under one roof, of the times you’ll string popcorn or cut out cookies, of times you’ll wrap a gift and scrawl “Santa” in the “From” line on the tag, are painfully limited whether you have one child or 10.

I spent years longing to get to that light at the end of the tunnel: the time when all my kids would be bigger and more self-sufficient, when life would feel more orderly, when I’d have some time for myself. And I’m glad to be here. Still, Santa, like baby dolls and board books, LEGO and little shoes, is just one more symbol of a chapter firmly closing, its magic and mystery tightly caught between the pages. Once it’s closed, I can go back and re-read, but I can’t ever live it again. And Clara’s eventual evolution from belief to understanding will mark the definite end of an era.

– Meagan Francis, Believing in Santa, for now

Read the whole essay, Beliving in Santa, for now, over at On Parenting at The Washington Post.


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