Sunday Reads: political dads, free chore/tech ticket printables, summer fun with friends, having it all

Hope you’re having a great weekend! We’re about to take advantage of the great weather and go get those hostas, daylilies and vincas in the ground before it gets hot, hot, hot again tomorrow. But I did have time to round up a few links for your reading pleasure:

  • Can You Have It All? – Whoorl. This has been on my mind a lot lately, too, so expect my thoughts on Sarah’s post and this issue in general soon!
  • Free printable chore and tech time tickets – MomAdvice. If your kids end up on the computer – or skipping out of their daily chores – too much during the summer, check out these clever free printables Amy created to help keep you all on track!
  • Father’s Day and Presidential Politics – Punditmom. Joanne poses the question: should high-profile (male) political figures do a better job of supporting their wives when it comes to taking on non-traditional gender roles? My sense is that when you’re in that high-up a political position you’re probably not going to have the time or resources to, say, spend time in the kitchen. And you probably can’t exactly miss a Cabinet meeting because your daughter is home sick from school. But maybe these dads could at least talk more openly about what it means to be a 21st century dad (the dads who aren’t President, that is). What do you think?
  • 5 Cheap Ways (and a secret ingredient) to make this summer really fun – Frugal Mama. I’m with Amy on this one – to me, summer is all about hanging out with friends (and family, whom I count as friends!) Here are some of her ideas for making getting together easy, low-stress and inexpensive.

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