How will technology change grocery shopping?

The other day, as I inspected unfamiliar (but on-sale) cuts of meat while simultaneously Googling recipes on my iPhone, I thought about how much the experience of grocery shopping has changed since I “went mobile.”

Years ago, I would have picked up my grocery store’s sales flyer at the front of the store, or maybe printed it off the internet on my home computer. Now it’s on my phone. Years ago, it was much harder to make a substitution or impulse purchase on the fly, because no matter how great the deal on that exotic fresh fish or new-to-me veggie, I couldn’t be sure what to do with it. Now that information is just a few taps away.

It got me thinking about the many different ways that technology has changed, and continues to change, the process of shopping for and preparing meals. This video from ConAgra Foods shows how, in the future, smart phone technology might allow us to look up reviews of food products and check out the nutritional information on frozen prepared meals instantly, while we shop.

ConAgra Foods

The video follows two shoppers through a trip to the grocery store, using their smart phones to juggle shopping lists, messages from friends and a last-minute party reminder that has them heading for the frozen foods aisle. Using their technology, they’re able to instantly find out nutrition and calorie information as well as preparation facts about Healthy Choice and Marie Callender’s meals.

Check it out!

How do you think technology will change the future of grocery shopping?

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p.p.s. Speaking of frozen meals and ConAgra Foods, did you know that Healthy Choice uses fresh, natural ingredients like olive oil and homemade pasta in their frozen meals, as well as vegetables that are blanched and flash-frozen to lock in flavor and nutrition within 24 hours of being picked? Check out this post which debunks frozen food myths along with a video shows you how to blanch and flash-freeze veggies at home!

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