Foil pack grilled chicken, Southwest style

foil grilled chicken

This post and video are part of a series sponsored by ConAgra Foods.

I shared a while back that I’m trying to get more confident with grilling (instead of always passing the job off to my husband.) But I also admit that sometimes, family and kid duties make it difficult for me to hang around the grill – and I don’t love dealing with clean-up afterward.

In my latest video in partnership with ConAgra Foods, I demonstrate a solution to that problem: foil pack grilling. Wrapping meats and veggies in a foil packet traps steam, flavor, – and mess.

It’s a less labor-intensive way to grill and makes it easier to toss your food on the grill and then attend to something else for a while.

The recipe I feature, Santa Fe Chicken Packets, came from the website, an easy-to-use recipe database that offers simple family-friendly recipes that can be made in thirty minutes or less.

This recipe, for example, includes only a handful of ingredients: Ro-Tel Tomatoes, black beans, corn, cumin, shredded cheese and chicken breasts. Check out this short video to see how to make Santa Fe Chicken Packets:

Note: this recipe does have a bit of kick to it! If you want to tone down the spice, you can try the mild version of Ro-Tel tomatoes.

Do you ever grill in foil packets? What’s your favorite foil-grilling recipe?

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