VIDEO: Easy and quick side dish using frozen red potatoes

roasted red potatoes with herbed sour cream and bacon

You could say we are a meat-and-potatoes family: emphasis on the potatoes. Mashed, roasted, baked, or fried; there are potatoes on the dinner table at most of our meals. (Maybe it’s the Irishwoman in me.)

Back when I was afraid of cooking large pieces of meat, I didn’t realize that often, the meat is the easiest part of the meal. Yes, it takes time in the oven, but the preparation is usually simple and fast. Once the chicken or roast is cooking away, I’m free to go about my business and even run errands if there’s another person in the house capable of keeping an eye on the oven.

Sometimes I don’t want to spend ten minutes slicing and preparing potatoes. And let’s face it: sometimes I just don’t feel like it. On those days, I’m glad to be able to just reach into my freezer.

I’ve been working with ConAgra Foods to create a series of videos highlighting frozen foods, and how I use them in my home. I’m a big fan of frozen foods, both those I freeze myself and the prepared meals I sometimes reach for on busy nights. Despite the bad rap they’ve gotten, frozen foods are often even more nutritious than what you’d pick up in the produce aisle (veggies are frozen quickly, at the height of freshness) and the ConAgra Foods brands I’m representing feature simple ingredients like olive oil, herbs and spices – like I use in my own cooking.

For this video I used Alexia Oven Roasted Red Potatoes to create a simple, quick side dish – but with a twist: I added a few tablespoons of dill to a cup of sour cream, placed it in a gallon-size storage bag, cut off one corner, then piped the herbed sour cream over the potatoes and sprinkled bacon bits over the top. Who doesn’t love potatoes with sour cream and bacon?

Of course, you can try this idea yourself with any potato, whether you slice it yourself or pull it out of the freezer! I like having both options on hand, myself.

I’d love for you to watch the video and let me know how you use frozen foods in your kitchen!

I was compensated by ConAgra Foods to create this video and post.

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