Welcome to April!

Happy April, Everyone!

Yes, it officially became “spring” last month, but I always feel like April is the official beginning of the season. The weather’s warming up here in southwest Michigan, little green things are starting to push through my garden beds, and it hasn’t snowed in at least a few days, so I’m hopeful that winter is really on its way out. Phew


It’s hard to believe the dimpled little thing in the picture above was once Clara, isn’t it? She turned six in March, and every day I’m floored by how quickly she’s leaving that chubby-cheeked baby behind, and turning into a GIRL. 

Luckily, she’s still got dimples a-plenty.

 Screen Shot 2015-03-31 at 7.06.14 PM

You’ve probably noticed the awesome new look here at The Happiest Home. Give Sarah a big hand for her hard work and talent! We’re still making adjustments and tweaks as we go, but we’re hoping this new design will make the site easier to navigate, especially now that we’re posting less frequently.

In other news…there are some exciting things happening around these parts:

  • To help some of you who needed more time, I extended the early-bird discount deadline for the BEYOND retreat, coming up in October 2015. You’ve got until April 12 to put down a (refundable) deposit and get a $100 discount on the retreat, so don’t delay!
  • I’m writing an advice column at the new site TheMid.com, and having so much fun answering questions on everything from parenting and family to work, relationships, life and more. Check out my first column and send your questions to me at askthemom@themid.com! 
  • This month we’re launching something brand-new: a podcast lifestyle network. WHAT!? Yep. We’ll be launching three new shows covering motherhood, fashion, and writing from home. Check back here next week to get all the information on the launch and hear the new podcasts!

 And now, some ideas and inspiration for the month from our archives.

Plan to Spend Time Outdoors 

If a harsh winter sapped your get-up-and-go when it comes to getting up and going outside, here are some tips to get moving and into that fresh air again.

Gardening With Kids, The REALLY Easy Way.

I tried three indoor herb-garden kits and gave my opinions on the pros and cons of each.


Happy Families Have Stories.

It turns out the stories we tell ourselves about our history have a huge impact on how we feel about our families.

Pasta Salad with Bacon and Peas

A light, tangy pasta salad recipe for spring potlucks or any time.

Pasta Salad with peas and bacon at The Happiest Home

Loving ‘Em And Leaving ‘Em

Whether you’re going on a weekend getaway with your spouse or attending a retreat or conference, leaving the kids behind can be hard. Here’s some reassurance. 

That’s it for today! Enjoy, check back often, and I hope you have a lovely April!


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