Welcome to May!

Happy May, Everyone!

Spring has FINALLY (for real this time) come to southern Michigan. After a long, gray April with more near-freezing days than I like to think about, we’re looking at some seriously beautiful weather in the upcoming week or so. Clara and I celebrated the other day with our first stroll to the lakefront and ice-cream shop of the season!

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Of course, I can’t complain too much. April was a busy travel month for me, and I got to visit not one, not two, but three beautiful places, all boasting wonderful weather while I was there. Jon and I took a two-day trip to Las Vegas, I flew to New York City to speak at the ASJA conference, and best of all, I got to spend three days in Florida with my two best friends from high school. Jenna (also my sister-in-law!) and Missy and I had little kids around the same time and have never been away together for more than a night. This time we spent three days just hanging out on the beach and eating seafood. It was so fun, relaxing, and needed…we definitely aren’t going to let years go by before getting away together again!

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In other news, Sarah and I have been busy lately here on The Happiest Home and beyond. Maybe you noticed that we launched a podcast network?

Here’s what we’ve been up to:

And now, some ideas and inspiration for the month from our archives:

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grilled chicken with ranch marinade

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Wherever you are, I hope you’re enjoying some sunny days, good weather and lots of time with family and friends.

Enjoy, check back often, and I hope you have a lovely May!


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