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Hello all! It’s been a busy weekend for blogging here at our happy, but currently messy, home. Remember those organizing projects I was going to complete last week? Well, I only really made it to the “rip everything apart” stage, but have not yet put anything back together. More on that tomorrow, but I wanted to share a few links worthy of a Sunday afternoon read:

“Over the years I’ve definitely seen that ebb and flow of mother-child relationship and how it’s changed from baby to tween. Almost like seasons I’ve felt closer or needed more by one than the other, but it’s not about favor- actually that is where the scientific instinct kicks in. Not out of survival of the fittest, but from a healthy dose of independence and growing up, and being their mother.”

Could not agree more. (Watch the video at the end of Steph’s post; the reader/writer is Adam Kellogg, one my fellow Listen To Your Mother cast members. I loved his essay, and all I could think was how proud I would be to be his mother in the audience.)

What great links have you discovered this week?

See you tomorrow for Mindful Monday!

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