Are Your Kids Bored (And Driving You Crazy?) Sign Up For This FREE, Fun Learning Program!

This post is sponsored by the Museum of Science and Industry. Read on to learn about the Museum’s FREE Summer Brain Games program!

Even though I’ve gone on record declaring my love for summer break, I’ll be the first one to admit that sometimes my kids drive me crazy during this laid-back three-month expanse. My solution is to strike a balance between unstructured relaxation and enough structure and activity to keep their brains from turning to jelly and to keep me from yelling “If I hear you say ‘I’m bored’ one more time, you’ll be cutting the lawn with scissors!”   


Luckily, Chicago’s Museum of Science and Industry – one of our family’s favorite cultural attractions – has a solution: Summer Brain Games. It’s a FREE eight-week program offering at-home science experiments that will keep your kids engaged and learning. Many of the activities require some adult supervision, but they are definitely something your children do themselves, not something you do FOR them.

This year’s theme is space: kids can learn about pressure as they launch a rocket into the sky, become an engineer and design a protective landing pad for an “egg-stronaut,” and much more. 


Plus, when you register for Summer Brain Games, you’ll receive a FREE Museum Entry voucher! If you live near Chicago or are looking for an excuse to plan a trip, you’ll definitely want to jump on this opportunity.

Register now, and starting this week you’ll receive emails with detailed instructions on eight different activities that can be easily done using items around the house or inexpensively purchased. It’s a great way for families with kids of all ages to stay active and enthused as they learn more about the world around them.

Summer Brain Games is also the title sponsor for the next four episodes of The Home Hour podcast! Our sponsors are what make it possible to keep those shows coming, and we are so grateful to them…and as always, to all of you for listening, reading and clicking 🙂

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