My ‘pre-mothering’ travel routine: what’s wrong with prepping your family before you hit the road?

I mentioned my “pre-mothering” pre-trip rituals in Monday’s post, but it turns out I had a lot more to say on the subject:

As I usually do before a trip, I’ve spent much of the last few days doing what I jokingly refer to as “pre-mothering:” stocking the house with snacks and reasonably healthy convenience food. Washing, folding, and putting away laundry. Changing sheets. Printing out important phone numbers. Double-checking the kids’ activities and school schedules. Tonight, if I have time, I might make a big pot of soup.

The point is, caring for kids while the other spouse travels is challenging, especially when everyone’s used to two parents being around most of the time. Sure, we are each totally capable of filling in for the other when needed. But why not make things easier for one another when we can?

Please hop over to my Babble blog to read the rest! And I’d love to know: do you have a pre-travel “mothering” routine? Why or why not?

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