Tired of filling out registration forms? Try this time-saving trick.

This post is part of our new series, Summer Shortcuts. Sarah and I are taking turns all summer long sharing little “cheats” and ways we give ourselves a break during the summer months. Enjoy! -Meagan

Are anyone else’s fingers cramping yet? I’m talking about the muscle fatigue that comes from filling out endless forms for summer programs, camps and sports. Since most of the summer activities my kids take part in are fairly short-lived, it seems like every day there’s a new form to be filled out. Multiply that times two or three or sometimes even all five kids in the same program, and it can start to feel like my whole job as a parent is writing down our insurance information and emergency contacts over and over and over and over. 

It took me until I had three kids to come up with a strategy for cutting down on all that redundant writing, but I felt like a genius once I figured it out: you don’t have to fill out the same form in totality over and over. Just fill the form out once, leaving each child’s unique information blank (first name, birth date, etc,) make as many copies as you need, and then fill in the blanks for each child.

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I always feel a little devilish when I hand in those copied forms – it feels like the best kind of cheating (nobody gets hurt but I get to make my life easier!)

If you are worried about the form not looking legit, just use black ink, or use blue ink and copy in color – the duplicate will look very similar to the original. 

I have also done this with forms that originally came on colored paper, and just explained that I needed to run off copies at home because I didn’t have enough. So far it’s never been a problem – and come to think of it, they could always copy it onto their own supply of correctly-colored paper if they had to.

The switch to paperless registration seems to be moving slow in the world of children’s sports and summer activities, and I’m guessing we’ll be dealing with these hand-written forms for years to come. So take advantage of this trick and save yourself from part of a very boring task!

And, psst – while I’m getting a lot of mileage out of this trick right now, it’s also a lifesaver at the beginning of the school year when you’ll be once again drowning in forms. 

Try this summer shortcut and let us know how it goes!

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