Check Out My Birthday Present To Myself!

I started this blog – originally known as The Happiest Mom – five years ago last spring.

Over the years, my life – and this blog – have changed a lot. I got a book deal based on the “happiest mom” concept, which led to growth and opportunities I never saw coming. I shifted from mostly writing for magazines and websites to blogging for a living. As my kids got older, this blog’s focus slowly shifted from the experience of motherhood to the experience of family life and running a household. Sarah joined us, and together we brought on a handful of awesome guest writers.

My vision when Sarah became part of The Happiest Home was that the site would become less “all about me” and more of a community of people interested in creating happier homes and family lives. It soon became clear, though, that to make this site grow into what I really wanted it to be, I was going to have to take a little step back from the front-and-center role I’ve had since day 1. 

The only trick was, I didn’t really have my own space to just go off and “be Meagan:” a place to write about the business side of blogging and writing for a living and occasional musings of a more personal nature. I set up a blog a while ago where I hosted information about my classes and coaching services, but I was never in love with the way it looked or functioned and just didn’t want to spend a lot of time there.

Enter my birthday present to myself – I turn 37 today! – a brand-spanking-new site at that’s just for me. The team at Sumy Designs has created an awesome space that will serve as a mix of my professional brand and personal stomping grounds and I am very excited to give you all the grand tour! 

First, let me answer a few questions…

Screen Shot 2014-07-27 at 10.02.43 AM

Who is the new site for?

As you can see from the sidebar buttons, a big goal for the new site is to let potential clients and customers know about the various consulting and coaching services I offer.  But it won’t be all about “selling” – in fact, the main focus of the blog will be offering free information, advice and support to:

  • Aspiring writers, work-at-home parents, and people wanting to build a creative business
  • Small businesses and bloggers who need help creating great content
  • People who want to take charge of their own lives and “write a bigger story” for themselves – however that might look
  • Moms who are struggling with making time for themselves and want to craft rich, satisfying lives. (For instance, Beyond Baby will live at the new site, as will an exciting, free “boot camp” program for moms I’ve got coming up in the fall!)

But I’ll also be doing most of my more personal writing about relationships, life, inspiration, and creativity at the new site. So if you like the kind of writing I’ve been doing here on Sunday mornings, you’ll want to follow me over there.

What will this mean for The Happiest Home?

Most of the changes we’re making have been in the works for over a year, so you won’t experience a drastic overnight shift. Primarily you might notice a greater sense of focus – we’ll be zeroing in on tips, advice and inspiration on topics like:

  • Making the most of family life
  • “Good-enough housekeeping” 
  • Keeping your space clean and organized without going out of your mind
  • Raising resilient, confident, and self-sufficient kids
  • Strengthening your relationship with your spouse or partner
  • Managing your time and schedule
  • Having fun with your family
  • Food, recipes, meal-planning
  • Creating a functional, beautiful home without worrying about perfection

Basically, anything that falls under the main headers of Home, Kitchen, Mom’s Life, and Kids & Family will still be represented strongly here.

To be honest, I haven’t quite decided yet what to do with the “work and passions” category, but I’m thinking I will eventually move all those posts over to the new site since that’s where I’ll be focusing most strongly on writing about career & creativity.

And you can expect me to roll out regular classes and mentoring/coaching programs for writers, creatives & aspiring entrepreneurs.

Screen Shot 2014-07-27 at 10.39.00 AM

What do I need to do?

I know change can be annoying (I tend to dig in my heels and resist it all the way) but the good news is that, if you visit this blog primarily to get advice and ideas for creating a happier home life, then you don’t have to do anything different! Keep reading the posts in your email or feed reader or just continue to stop by every day or two. You might not notice much difference at all, except there will be more of what you’re looking for and less of what you might not be. 

But if you also want to read more of my essay-style personal writings, keep up with my classes and other offerings, and read more of my thoughts on creativity, writing, working from home, and designing a life you love, you’ll definitely want to add the new site to your regular rounds. I plan to post there about once a week, so it shouldn’t be too overwhelming (for you OR me, ha!) 

Are you getting email from me? 

The best way to truly stay connected with what’s happening at either or both sites is to join its email list (this is a separate thing from just getting posts delivered to your email, by the way – it’s completely different content.)

Lately I’ve poured a lot of effort into delivering more exclusive, helpful articles for those of you who’ve signed up for my email list, and if you aren’t currently on it, you’re missing some good stuff. (Here’s an example of a recent family-related email: Be A Better Parent By Bedtime.)

To make sure you’re only getting the kind of email you want, I’m separating the one main list into two. Here’s how it’ll work:

  • If you’ve already signed up for my list, you will continue to get email related to The Happiest Home – all the kinds of topics that will be on the blog; home, family, kids, food, etc. You can expect to hear from us a few times a month, no more than once a week. 
  • If you’re currently on my list and have been opening emails related to creativity, writing, etc, you will also be added to the list from my new site. Those emails will focus on creativity, setting goals and going after dreams, and writing your own life story. Those emails will go out weekly.

(I promise, I am not stalking you and I have no idea which individuals are opening the email I send! It’s just this magical feature that my mail service provides that allows me to make sure that I’m only sending email to people who want to get it.)

If you aren’t currently on either list, go ahead and join one or the other right now! And if you aren’t sure if you’re already signed up or which list you’re on, you might as well go ahead and sign up for the one that interests you most now…or both. My email service will also magically remove duplicates, so you won’t get the same email twice. Just click the links below and we’ll take care of the rest!

To sign up for The Happiest Home email list, click here.

To sign up for my email list, click here.

Whew! I just covered a lot of ground, and all while digesting my birthday breakfast to boot. As always, I am so grateful for your continued support and presence here, and am really excited to have you all along for the ride through these changes. I think they will be great for everyone, and do a better job serving your needs no matter why you’re here.

I’d love to hear your thoughts about the new site, or the changes I’ve described in this post. So if you have questions or comments, please feel free to leave them in the comments section!

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