Your Turn Thursday: Who is in your support network?

As I’ve been contemplating the whole “can women have it all” issue over the last few days, the idea of “help” has been heavy on my mind: either support from family and friends – the kind many mothers no longer have regular access to – or hired help, the sort many mothers feel guilty and conflicted about using.

I think the right kind of support can make the difference between being a happy, relatively calm mom or being constantly frazzled and stressed. It can make the transition of a second (or third or fourth) child easier. It can make long gray afternoons tolerable or your work life easier.

But I get the feeling that a lot of women simply don’t have go-to friends, nearby family or really anyone they can ask for help. Am I right? I want to hear from you: do you have what you would call a ‘tribe”, or a support system? Who is in it? How have you created it?

If not, what is keeping you from getting the support you need? I know other readers will have great ideas and advice for you, so don’t be shy.

*image from my book The Happiest Mom: 10 Secrets To Enjoying Motherhood

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