How to Make Mom Friends

This post is by Sarah Powers, Happiest Mom contributor and Managing Editor, and blogger at Powers of Mine.

how to make mom friends
When I became a mom I actively resisted the idea that I should go out and make a bunch of new friends just because I had a new baby. It felt like an insult to my existing social life, for one, to think that I needed to “trade in” my current friends for new ones who were, like me, covered in spit-up and not sleeping at night. It also felt like a sign of weakness to admit that it might actually be kinda nice to make some new spit-up covered mom friends, so of course I stubbornly resisted the idea even more.

And, above all, I was NOT going to lug myself and my baby to some cheesy (I thought) mommy group where I could sit in a whole CIRCLE of spit-up covered new moms and publicly admit to needing new friends. NO WAY.


Don’t you love how all the things we are “so sure of” get proven fantastically wrong later? Yeah. I met my now-best-friends in a support group for new moms almost five years ago. Here we are this Christmas (that’s me third from right, bravely forging the way into baby #3 territory – everybody else still has two):

how to make mom friendsMaking friends as a mom is tricky – and it is something Meagan has written a lot about here on The Happiest Mom. I thought I’d collect her posts into one resource for those of you who are looking for ways to “find your tribe,” expand your social circle, or make friends in a new town or community.

Here are 7 fantastic posts on making mom friends. And here’s to admitting when we need a new friend – or five.

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PS – Do you already have a great circle of mom friends? Consider sharing this post with a new mom in your life, or one who has recently moved to a new city!

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