Podcast Spotlight: The Mom Hour

Last week I shared here that the Life, Listened podcast network is officially up and running! I’m so excited about the feedback we’ve been getting about the new shows, cohosts, and regular guests, and so I thought this week I’d share a little more about each individual show. Today I’m starting with The Mom Hour, and you can look for posts later in the week on The Style Hour and The Write-At-Home Moms.

If you’ve been listening to The Home Hour for any length of time, you’ve heard Sarah Powers and I talk about topics like making mom friends, sleep, and discipline. We’re both really excited to have a whole show dedicated to the mom-experience, and to share our ideas, tips, and funny stories with our listeners. the mom hour, podcast, moms

Read on a quick recap of our first two episodes (look for the next one May 5!). You can always find the episodes and links to subscribe at www.TheMomHour.com.

Episode 1: Mom Meltdowns, Oh No!

In the first episode, Sarah and I admit that we sometimes lose our cool and yell at our kids. Surprised? We hope not. Want to hear about our most epic mom meltdowns? Oh yes you do. After airing our dirty laundry we get into some helpful ways to lose the guilt that goes along with losing it with your kids, and how to recover from a meltdown and do better next time.

Episode 2: What Kind Of Role Model Are You?

Episode 2 was inspired by our generous sponsor for April, the folks at Responsibility.org. Since April is Alcohol Awareness Month, we kicked off the episode by talking about how we model responsible drinking in front of our kids, and how alcohol plays into family life and celebrations in our families. Then we broadened the discussion to talk about role modeling in general, and how our kids’ birth order – and our own birth order experience – influences what we expect and how we relate to them.

Will you join us for The Mom Hour?

Do you have an idea for a future show topic? Leave us a comment below, or email us at hello@themomhour.com!

If you’re already a podcast pro, please consider subscribing in iTunes. We appreciate it!

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