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I admit it: I’ve been one of those parents bent over my child’s math workbook, gnashing my teeth in frustration and groaning things like “Ugh, this new math makes no SENSE!” and “What do you MEAN, you don’t carry the one?” and “What was wrong with the way we learned it?”

Not exactly setting the best example for my already math-challenged child, huh?

I’ve tried to get a grip over the years, which has mostly consisted of me taking a big step back and letting my calmer, more methodical husband take over the math help. But that has felt a little like wimping out. I might not be a math whiz, but I’m no dummy  – why should a fourth-grader’s homework throw me for a loop?

Because I know a lot of parents feel like me, I was really excited to record this podcast with Laura Laing, author of the book Math for Grown-Ups as well as the site

As a junior-high student, Laura believed she wasn’t good at math, but a high-school teacher convinced her otherwise.

She went on to become a math teacher, and now helps adults cope with math phobia and difficulties with “new math” via her book, blog, workshops and presentations.

She’s a fascinating, smart – and hugely reassuring – guest, and I’m so glad to have had the opportunity to talk with her about the myriad ways we use math in real life and how to make sense of your child’s confusing “new math” homework.

It took me a while to figure this out, but you don’t actually have to click over to The Kitchen Hour’s website to listen to my podcast. You can just stream it right here! Click the “play” button below to listen to the conversation. Or, you can download it on iTunes.

Thanks for listening and, as always, please let me know what you think and what you’d like to hear in future episodes!

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