Sunday Reads: walking as therapy, frugal decorating rules, finding your community as a mom of older kids, the Outlander series

How’s your weekend going? Jon’s been out of town since Friday, and I’ve been attacked by some kind of seasonal allergy attack that’s turned me into a sneezing, watery-eyed, raspy-throated mess over the last couple of days. I’ve taken the opportunity to crawl into bed for hours on end and get completely immersed in Drums of Autumn, the fourth novel in the Outlander series by Diana Gabaldon.

I admit that I had more or less written the series off after getting through the first one and declaring it “torture porn,” but a year or two went by and I began to get curious about the rest of Claire’s and Jamie’s story, so I dove back in over the winter. Whether I’m just more intrigued by the plot line in this one or am mentally in a place where it’s appealing to me more, I think the fourth book is the best yet, and I’m pretty much devouring it. Have you read any of the series? What did you think?

Since I’ve been living inside a novel all weekend, I’ve got just a few blog reads for you today, quickly written up as I’m sitting at Panera enjoying an iced tea with my son Isaac. Forgive any typos; there’s half a chocolate-chip muffie waiting for me when I’m done.

Enjoy! I’ll see you for Mindful Monday – don’t forget, I’ll be doing a linkup, so if you want to join in write your post whenever you get a chance, then stop by tomorrow to leave your link!

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