Back to You: 5 affordable ways to brighten your fall wardrobe

bright colors for autumn

Today’s Back to You post comes from Jessica Ashley. Jessica is very stylish, so you should totally click over and check out her great tips!

I love fall. It’s just the transition from deliriously hot weather peppered with air conditioning to cool, then colder weather steamed up by the furnace that I don’t love. While cozy tights and cardigans are staples of my winter wardrobe, I greet them apprehensively, showing my bare toes and arms as long as I possibly can into September and even October.

But this year? This year I want to strip the sadness out of the change in season. I am sure there is a spiritual and emotional metaphor for resisting change until the last minute. I will ponder that in a few months when I am two-feet deep in shoveled snow. For now, I’d like to focus on how to make the woolly, nubby, layered clothing I’m quickly needing into a wardrobe I am happy to line my closet with, into blissful ways to dress my body. When it comes to fall clothing, I will fake the happy until I make the happy.

In celebration of cooler days, here is sunshine in the form of affordable accessories. Soothe your budget, style and seasonal irritation with these pretty little ways to transition you and the clothes you already have in storage.

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