Sunday Reads: courage, Lillian Gilbreth, facilitating vs enabling, your life's purpose

As I wrote last week, from now on I’ll be devoting Sundays to sharing links to blog posts, articles and other bytes of goodness that have caught my attention over the past week. Here goes:

  1. The Summer of Courage from Steady Mom
    Loved this inspiring little photo-essay about the lessons Jamie has learned (so far) this summer
  2. The Home-Maker And Her Job by Lillian Gilbreth
    Remember a few months ago when I posted about Lillian Gilbreth (of Cheaper By The Dozen fame) and her view of technology in the home? A super-smart commenter, Laura, made my day by posting a link to an electronic version of Gilbreth’s book, and I’ve been meaning to share it ever since. It is full of gems and even though the gender stereotypes have changed a lot, it still feels amazingly fresh even today. Definitely worth a close read.
  3. Teach a Man to Fish at 2KOP
    It’s often easier and faster to do things ourselves than to wait around for our kids to do them, but this post makes a compelling case for being a “facilitator” rather than “enabler.”
  4. What’s On Your Ticket? at The Discipline Project
    What one word describes the things you are meant to do with your life – and is something holding you back?
  5. 10 things this mom does NOT do
    Okay, so maybe it’s really lame to link back to my own post in this list, but I loved how much readers got into creating their own lists of things they don’t do as a mom. It’s really reassuring to know that none of us “do it all.”

Have you read anything you loved lately?

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