mini-resolution: come up with some new dinnertime conversation-starters.

Last night as we sat eating mashed potatoes (big win for Mom!) and meatloaf (not so much!) I became aware that my efforts at dinnertime conversation have become, well, stale. Apparently “What was the best part of school today?” and “How about the worst?” are not as titillating to four growing boys as discussions of botflies that can burrow into an unfortunate individual’s flesh and reproduce.

The botfly discussion was most decidedly not table-appropriate, but if you can believe it, the banter even deteriorated from there, getting grosser and grosser until I found myself standing up and hollering something like, “That’s IT! You are all DISGUSTING! Can’t we all act like CIVILIZED PEOPLE????”

I need some new material.

Family meal time is important to me, so making it peaceful, low-stress and enjoyable for all of us is a definite priority. Miriam Weinstein (author of The Surprising Power of Family Meals) has a whole list of conversation starters on her site. I’m looking them over and picking a couple to add to my dinnertime repertoire.

They’ve gotta be better than botflies.

Is there a small, simple way you can improve time with your family – today? Does your mealtime banter need a makeover, too?

I’m halfway through a four-week series of mini-resolutions: small, simple improvements I’m making in different areas of my life. This week I’m focusing on “family”. I hope you’ll join me!


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