5 simple ways to be a happier mom today

Hello everyone! We’re back from our trip, but I’ll be offline for the next few days celebrating Easter with my family. So I wanted to point you toward my guest post over at Motherhood Your Way, where I share some tried-and-true, quick ways to improve your outlook, regain calm, and find perspective…even in the middle of a mom meltdown or toddler tantrum:

As somebody who’s spent the last few years striving to find more satisfaction and fulfillment in my life as a mom, wife, and woman, I know it’s a long process. Whether it’s the never-ending quest for more patience or trying to rework my life so that I’m more present and less distracted, an awful lot of my happiness goals can seem so…long-term.

Not exactly highly motivating for an impatient sort like me.

But while self-improvement is definitely more akin to a long, long hike than a sprint, that doesn’t mean we can’t take simple, concrete steps to be happier today. Maybe even right now!

The suggestions I’m about to offer are simple, but they aren’t always easy. Still, it’s worth giving them a shot, even if you have to try a few times: READ THE REST OF THE POST.

Have a wonderful holiday weekend, and I’ll see you on Monday morning!

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