Your Turn…Friday! Who is in your online mom tribe?

I’m a day late on my Your Turn Thursday post this week, because I spent most of yesterday packing and then driving East. But I’m not where you might expect me to be – the BlogHer conference in NYC – this year. Instead, the kids and I made the trek to Ohio to my friend Jill’s house, to spend the weekend with 30+ women from our original online mom’s group.

I’ve known most of these women since my oldest son was just a baby – that’s 14 years! We’ve grown a lot as people and as a community (once upon a time, we were what you might have called an, ahem, intolerant attachment parenting militia), but there really is something amazing about being surrounded by the women who’ve known you from the beginning of your motherhood journey and have seen it all: good and bad, the successes and failures, the happy and humbling moments.

I’ll be writing more about the weekend and my mom’s group soon, but for today’s post I wanted to ask you about your online mom’s group. Did you start off at a forum, like me? An email list that grew into a local playgroup? Did you strike up relationships in the comments section of a favorite blog? Your turn!


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