Mindful Monday: Soak up what's left of summer

I wish I could say I’d crossed everything off of last week’s Mindful Monday to-do list, but as it so often does, life got in the way of perfection. So I’ve still got a few things to accomplish before the kids start back to school next Tuesday. And our morning routine, while greatly improved, still isn’t quite up to school-year snuff.

But all necessary forms are in order, my desk is cleaned and my calendars cross-referenced, I’ve got our bus schedules figured out and first-day-of-school-clothes picked out. All that’s left now is attending school orientation for my new kindergartener and middle-schooler Wednesday night, sorting school supplies into the correct backpacks, and working a little harder on getting everyone awake and out of bed before 8 AM.

But while we’re all looking forward to school starting (perhaps me more than anyone else) we also happen to be looking at a perfectly lovely week, weather-wise. And the summer’s not over yet. So for this week, my Mindful Monday intention:

WHO: All of us!

WHAT: Soak up these last, lazy days of summer and really appreciate our freewheeling schedule while we’ve still got it!

WHY: I love fall – and changing seasons in general – so much that it’s easy to forget that, while summer will come again, this particular summer never will. I want to soak it up – and not just the enjoyment of the laid-back summer days, but also the palpable back-to-school excitement. After all, I’ll never again have a little boy starting kindergarten for the first time. And this is my oldest son’s last year of middle school. Wow.

HOW: While checking off a to-do list seems like a rather sterile way to enjoy the season, I definitely want to make sure we get around to a few things:

  • A last summery outing – perhaps a trip to the beach?
  • An afternoon at the local park
  • A walk around the neighborhood
  • An evening cookout followed by a family movie – after all, next week we’re back to a 9 PM bedtime!

But even more important than checking off a list? Being conscious of the passing of time, and setting an intention to experience each moment as it comes.

How are you enjoying the end of summer? What is your Mindful Monday intention this week?

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