WATCH: Are today’s kids over-scheduled? Weigh in!

the new having it all

Have you watched The New Having It All Show? It airs live every Wednesday at 1:00 EST on Google+, or if you don’t have G+, you can watch all the back episodes on YouTube.

We’d also love for you to join us for tomorrow’s show! The topic is kids, activities, and over-scheduling. Do you feel pressured to sign your kids up for a bunch of sports and wish you could slow down? Or do you think keeping busy is good for families? How do you strike that balance between supporting your kids’ desires and keeping them active, and protecting quieter, slower family space?

Head over to the Hangout page and join the conversation at 1 PM EST Wednesday, or click the link when you get a chance and watch the recording! If you’re too busy to watch all 25 minutes, just turn it on and let our conversation keep you company in the background.

Or if you missed the live airing, you can watch the recording afterward – like this recent episode (embedded above, or watch here), in which Danielle and I discussed the recent story about a baby crying in a high-priced restaurant, and what the story illustrates about the balance between our rights as parents, our responsibilities as members of a community, and just plain good manners.  Let me know what you think about our discussion in the comments.

Can’t wait to have you join in the discussion on what it means to “have it all” today.

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