If you’re ready to act on your dream this year, read this.

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I’m really excited to share something I’ve been working on behind the scenes for several months. It’s called Build Your Big Dream, and it’s a hybrid class/coaching program for busy parents who are ready to take a “big dream” – writing a book, launching a business, starting a new career – and make it a reality.

Does this sound like you? Maybe you’ve promised yourself that this year you’re going to make the leap. Or maybe you’ve already laid the groundwork for your big dream but need help and focus to get it off the ground. 

In this program you’ll work in a group of other highly motivated women as well as one-on-one with me to create your Big Dream Blueprint, a roadmap that will help you clarify priorities, focus, and take action to create the life you want to live.

Build Your Big Dream isn’t for everyone. It requires a commitment of time and money and most of all, heart to see your big dreams through, but if you’re ready, I’ll be there to meet you halfway. 

There are payment plans to help make it more possible for motivated dreamers to get started, and for readers of The Happiest Home I’m offering a special discount. I’ll be honoring the Early Bird registration rate (which expires this Friday for everyone else) through February 3. 

Are you ready to Build Your Big Dream with me? Class starts February 10 and lasts six weeks. You can get all the details, registration, and your special discount link information here

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