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Beyond Baby: a week-by-week guide to creating a life you love when your kids aren’t so little will be available beginning in May 2014. 

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Beyond Baby is a book for moms who are ready for something more.

Maybe this sounds like you? Or maybe you’re not sure. Some of the moms whose stories are featured in the book describe themselves like this:

  • My youngest child just started school and all of a sudden I have more time on my hands.
  • It’s been so long since I had a hobby or a creative passion that was all my own – I want that feeling back again.
  • I’m starting to “see the light” at the end of the intense baby years, but I can’t quite tell what it’s shining on.
  • My kids are getting more independent and I’m ready to focus on myself again.
  • I’m thinking about getting back into the workforce, starting a business of my own, or volunteering my time in a more meaningful way – but I don’t know where to start.

Beyond Baby is a guided 40-week journey that works its way from the outside in.

The book takes you on a 40-week journey to creating a life you love when your kids aren’t so little. Each week focuses on a specific area of mom’s life – home, marriage, relationships, style, self-care, creativity, health, etc. – and includes an inspirational story AND a practical challenge designed to get you making real progress (yes, baby steps count!) toward your Beyond Baby life.

(Also, 40 weeks – like a pregnancy, get it?)

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Beyond Baby is a community.

This book began as an email course and online community launched in 2013.

When you purchase the book you’ll be invited to join a Facebook group already filled with women going through the same phase of life and ready to support one another. You can choose your level of participation in the group, of course, but if you’re looking for a way to connect with others, ask questions, or even mentor other moms, the space is there for you.

Beyond Baby is an electronic book with a pen-and-paper resource.

We know many moms read on the go – whether it’s a Kindle at the kitchen counter or a smartphone in the school pickup line. So Beyond Baby itself is available either in a PDF download or in a Kindle version from Amazon. But because the process of self-discovery so often demands some real, tangible, pen-to-paper journaling, we’ve created a special downloadable/printable Workbook to guide you through the weekly exercises.

The Workbook is FREE (yay!) and will be available right here on this page after the book launches. 

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about the author
Meagan Francis is a mom of five, an author of books, and a champion of parents who want to create a life they love while raising great families. After writing professionally for national magazines for several years, Meagan created The Happiest Mom, an online space for moms seeking happiness and fulfillment, and in 2011 authored The Happiest Mom: 10 Secrets to Enjoying Motherhood in partnership with Parenting magazine.

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Meagan and her “baby,” five-year-old Clara

In 2013 The Happiest Mom became The Happiest Home, a multimedia resource for parents who want to learn “the art of sane and satisfying family life,” where Meagan and her contributors share simple tips and inspiration on motherhood, parenting, meal planning, work and hobbies, and homemaking. The site also features The Home Hour, a weekly podcast where Meagan interviews other bloggers, authors, and interesting people on topics relating to home and family life.

Meagan lives in southwest Michigan with her husband, four sons ages 8-16, and daughter, 5. For more about Meagan and her writing, or to find out about her online classes, coaching programs, and speaking engagements visit


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