Your Turn Thursday: What’s left on your summer “must do” list?

I’m not big on making long, ambitious “bucket lists,” always afraid I’ll feel too much pressure, or rebel against it once I see all those to-dos in black and white. But there is something about August approaching that reminds me that this summer is almost over. In fact, some of you may have children returning to school very soon! (Ours don’t go back until September 4.)

I don’t want to overwhelm myself with a bunch of expectations, but I’m feeling inspired to make a short list of the things I really, really want to do before the end of the summer. Here’s mine:

  1. Take the kids to the Meijer Gardens in Grand Rapids
  2. Go camping once more (we got rained out on the second night last time!)
  3. Make currant jam. I got a bunch from the CSA two weeks ago, and they were a little tart to eat straight, so they’ve been sitting in the freezer waiting until I have time to can them!
  4. Take the kids on a long bike ride (though this could also wait for a cool weekend in September)
  5. Spend a long afternoon and evening doing the fountain/carousel/beach combo in our downtown (photos courtesy of my husband Jon):

That’s it! Short, sweet, and totally doable by the end of the summer, as long as we get some decent (i.e. not boiling hot, not violent) weather. What about you – how much of your summer to-do list have you marked off, and what do you still hope to squeeze in before the end of the summer?

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