Your Turn Thursday: How do you keep your cool during a heat wave?

The heat wave that’s had the East coast sweltering over the last few days has arrived here, and we’re looking at 100+ temps over the next couple of days. I know that to some of you, 100 degrees is no big deal; but to this born-and-bred Michigander, it’s torture. Extreme heat makes me grumpy and sluggish and turns me into a very mean mom in very little time if I’m not careful.

I deal by keeping life very low-key on hot days: I don’t take the kids to the beach (sure, the water’s cool, but the hassle level is high and the sand is HOT). We might go to Target or another store with air, we might play in a wading pool or sprinkler, and chances are good we’ll be eating something low-fuss and doing a lot of sitting around this evening. (On very hot days, I feel no compunctions about excessive television.)

Chances are good you’re facing down hot weather today, have just emerged from a heat wave, or will see one coming your way soon. So, your turn: how do you keep yourself, your kids and your temper cool on very hot days?

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