Your Turn Thursday: how do you get back on the wagon after surrendering to summer lazies?

During the last month or so, I’ve completely fallen off the life wagon. Travel, a relaxed schedule and a serious case of July lazies has me feeling sluggish and unfocused. And most of my healthy life practices and helpful routines have taken a big hit.

Regular exercise? Well….

Consistent blogging? As you may have noticed, nope.

Productive mornings? Ummm…

Home-cooked meals? If you define “reheated takeout” as home-cooked, perhaps…

While I am a big fan of rejoicing in some laziness during the summer, a certain twitchy feeling is telling me time to climb back on the wagon. The school year is approaching, I’m behind on everything, and I have to start getting back on track.

I’ve started by hitting the gym two days in a row and am planning to start setting my alarm for an hour before the kids get up to get a jump on the day.

I could use some inspiration, though, as my bathrobe is so very comfy for lounging in, my bed is so very soft…particularly at 7 AM, the elliptical machine is already boring me, and I swear I’ve almost forgotten how to grocery shop properly. So…

Your turn! How do you get back on the wagon after taking a fall?

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