Your Turn Thursday: Do you have a slightly shameful parenting secret?


So I got bold yesterday and shared something I wasn’t proud of. Of course, not everybody thinks a rare, heat-of-the-moment spanking is a big deal, but it’s still the kind of thing that’s hard to put out there in writing with your name attached.

But I think we all have parenting secrets, right? Nothing horrifying necessarily (really – I don’t want to hear anyone’s horrifying secrets; I think those are best left to therapy or confession) but those slightly-shameful things we would really rather sweep under the rug. The little ways we let ourselves down by failing to meet our own ideals.

Here’s an example: during the last school year I occasionally let my eat breakfast at school. “Breakfast” at school basically consists of a doughnut and sugary cereal – something I would very rarely allow as “breakfast” in my own home, but didn’t have a problem with as a treat.

Well, in the last six weeks or so of the school year, I got really lazy…and let my boys eat this so-called “breakfast” at school every single morning. I guess it was easier for me to be in denial since I wasn’t actually the one pouring the Cocoa Krispies…

Don’t we all have dirty little secrets like these? The moments of laziness or apathy or low motivation or just plain exhaustion that lead to us allowing things we swore we never would, or doing things that, in retrospect, make us cringe. And yet, as I’ve said before, being a good mom and raising healthy, happy kids is a big-picture proposition, not matter of getting every little detail “right.”

If you’re brave enough to share, I hope you’ll join me in our own little mom confessional. Feel free to post anonymously if you like, and I encourage everyone to support each other with a generous helping of “Me too’s!” and “That’s not so bad!”

Maybe reading other moms’ confessions will help you feel a little less alone and a little more understood. My guess is, whatever your shameful secret is, it’s really NOT that shameful…and you aren’t the only one.

Who’s game?

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