Wise Words Wednesday: The value of your time

“These hours are all you’ve got. There is nothing in your life that is more valuable than your time, the moments you have left. You cannot put too much awareness and intention into the way you invest those moments.” – Your Money Or Your Life, by Joe Dominguez and Vicki Robin.

I’ve been busy the last few weeks – busy adjusting to our school-year routine, writing, and over the last few days, sifting through off-season clothes to do our twice-yearly wardrobe transition. And honestly, by the time I flop into bed at night these days, I’m too tired to do much reading. But tonight I was weeding out our bookshelves (funny how getting organized in one area of my life always makes me want to organize other stuff too) and I came across Your Money Or Your Life, a classic self-help that’s a sort of hybrid of personal finance, psychology, and time management. The book was initially published in the early 1990’s, and I read it at least seven or eight years ago, loved it, and then put it on a shelf and never looked at it again.

Tonight I was drawn to the book again, for some reason, and decided to pick it up and flip through the pages. I was struck by the way the ideas presented in the book have become much more mainstream over time, and also, how many of those messages I internalized all those years ago and how they shaped the way I came to view my finances, work, family life and time. Sure, the book is a bit intense in places (While I agree that time is my most valuable possession, I’m not sure I want to be counting down my remaining ‘life hours’) and my version is pretty dated, but it’s a great read and one I’ll be diving back into this week. The book – and the quote above – seemed particularly fitting for this month, as we focus on “time”.

Speaking of time – and how I’ve been spending mine – I’ve got a ton of new writing up around the web, and as always I’d love it if you want to check it out!

  • 5 Reasons I Love My Small Kitchen – in the spirit of appreciating what I have, here’s what I’ve learned to love about our small galley kitchen.
  • Clara’s princess dress-up closet – there’s a $150 Old Navy gift card giveaway attached to this one, plus some really adorable pictures of my lil girl!
  • On “Brat Bans” – my take on the whole “should kids go to adult venues” debate, at Babble. The comments on this one are…interesting!
  • 4 Kids, One Bedroom – organization inspiration for lots of kids sharing one space.

Hope you like them! And please share your thoughts on the quote I’ve shared above, Your Money or Your Life, or any other wise words you’ve read lately.

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