What my family “accomplishes” during the summer: not much.

summer hanging out

Every now and then I feel envious of families who accomplish great things together. You know: musical talents who perform as a group, say. Or those who build things or breed animals or enter projects in the county fair as a group. When an acquaintance recently asked me what my kids and I like to “do” during the summer, I initially felt sheepish, because the answer is…well, not much. 

Oh sure, we travel, hit the beach, and go camping, but we aren’t exactly creating anything or displaying any special talent. In fact, if you asked me what my family’s special group talent is, I’d have to respond: “hanging out.”

It’s easy to feel like a bit of a loser if you’re a laid back family, but I’ve come to accept and appreciate our relaxed expectations when it comes to group activities. I wrote about my family’s talent – doing a whole lot of nothing together, and loving it – over at the Goldfish Smiles blog this month. From the post:

One of my ‘rules’ of happier parenting is to do what works. And what works for our family is relaxing, talking, and just being together. I consider it a huge ‘win’ that my teenager doesn’t run away screaming when we ask him to sit down and chat.

Please read the rest of the post! And then let me know: Does your family do any special projects together during the summer and the rest of the year? Or, like us, do you do a lot of plain old hanging out?


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