What does "happiness" mean to you?

If I’m trying to convince you that you can be a “happy” mom, I suppose it would help to be clear about what “happiness” means to me.

To me, being a happy person isn’t about your emotional state at this specific moment only. When I say I’m a happy mom, it doesn’t necessarily mean “I am currently in a state of bliss due to the awesomeness of motherhood as it is currently being experienced by me.” Oh no. I don’t mean that at all.

It’s more a state of overall satisfaction and contentedness, where even the self-replicating mound of laundry, even the needy phase my three-year-old is going through in which he wakes up the baby 12 times a day out of boredom or some kind of mom-sabotage, and even the rage I felt half an hour ago when I found one of MY Ghiardelli milk chocolate squares with caramel inside melted to the sofa (they weren’t supposed to have it at all but for the love of all that is holy why didn’t they at least EAT it once they got it open?)…where even in spite of all those things, I can look objectively at my life and feel pretty satisfied with it.

But maybe your personal definition of “happiness” is different. What, to you, does it mean to be a happy mother? Do you consider yourself happy?

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