Vegetarian “sausage” dip with Ro-Tel tomatoes and cream cheese!

veggie sausage dip

Last year, my brother and sister-in-law, John and Jenna, stopped eating meat. While they both feel healthier and happier as vegetarians, I went through a bit of mourning because it meant John would no longer be bringing his signature cheesy-tomatoey sausage dip every time he came over for a get-together.

But when I discovered LightLife Gimme Lean vegetarian sausage during my ongoing partnership with ConAgra Foods, I wondered if maybe we could bring my precious dip back. Would it pass the taste and texture test for my brother and his wife and the non-vegetarians among us?

Answer: yes. The flavor and texture in this veggie version are very similar to the “original” recipe, and this means there will once again be yummy cheese dip in my life. If you don’t eat meat or have vegetarian friends, add this appetizer to your party plans! (And if you want to make it with meat, simply substitute a tube of pork sausage for the veggie meat.)

Check out the video below to see how to make this easy, creamy, crowd-pleasing – and now meat-free – dip.

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