The one in which I ask for feedback

As you may have noticed, The Happiest Mom has been growing. And with growth comes an opportunity to reflect and make sure I’m being as helpful and engaging as possible. I know, this is my space, and as a blogger I really have to be authentic and true to myself. But The Happiest Mom isn’t just about me – it’s supposed to be helpful, entertaining, and inspiring for you, because without all of you I really might as well just scribble in a journal and stash it in my drawer, right?

I’m a essayist at heart, which means my posts will probably always be on the long-ish side and sprinkled with anecdotes. Writing short is hard for me, as evidenced by the heroic slicing and dicing efforts required by my book editors at Parenting and Weldon Owen.  I get the feeling a lot of you rather like the wordy side of me – and if my growth is any indication, you like what I’m writing about these days, too. But if there is a silent majority sighing in frustration at my lengthy posts, or wishing I wouldn’t do giveaways, or really wanting me to talk more about X and less about Z, I’d like to know that, too. I can’t promise any changes (after all, you can’t please everyone), but knowing what you all are thinking will definitely help me shape my content going forward.

So I hope you will take this short survey (I promise! Unlike my blog, it’s short!) to let me know your thoughts.

I’d also like to know (in the comments) how you personally deal with content overload, especially if you’re somebody who likes to read longer posts but doesn’t have endless hours a day to read them. Do you just check in when you can? Skim? Catch up all at once? Or some other strategy?

Okay, tomorrow it’s back to discussing money and envy. But please do take a moment to take my survey! I want to know what you think.

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