Finally: The Kitchen Hour is here!


That’s the sound of me freaking out just a little bit. Yesterday, I officially launched The Kitchen Hour! (which you might already know if you’d signed up for the email list, hint hint 🙂 )We’re talking podcasts and videos and all kinds of other things that are pretty new for me, but I’m just so excited to be working on a project that I think is going to be a lot of fun for all of us.

While you’re making dinner tonight, I’ve got the perfect thing to keep you company – a great podcast interview with Kelle Hampton, where we talk about everything from creating celebrations on a dime to making family dinners a little more special, and a lot of other stuff that wasn’t exactly on the agenda. (We’re chatty like that.)

You’ll also find a video that will show you how to poach a chicken breast (and how to do it without touching the raw chicken, if you’re squeamish) and, of course, a little more information about exactly what The Kitchen Hour is and what kind of content I’ve got planned going forward. 

That post answers some questions you might have (such as: do I have to do a “kitchen hour” EVERY night? Answer: emphatically NO) but here is the main point in a nutshell:

The Kitchen Hour will offer community, entertainment, and tips and ideas to help keep you entertained and inspired in the kitchen.

Which we all need, right? We all have to eat, and so do our families, so let’s try to make the process more fun.

So please, check it out. And if you like what you see, I would love for you to click those little “like” or “tweet” or “pin” buttons below the posts and spread the word. I look forward to sharing many Kitchen Hours with you! Why not start tonight?

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