The hair update that at least 20 of you have been waiting for…

I did it.

Sure, it’s not quite as short as Carey Mulligan’s, but it’s WAY shorter than I’ve ever experienced before. AND I LOVE IT. I feel like it’s a real STYLE: striking, sexy, ‘notice me.’ My hair is usually described as “cute.” Cute is good, but this just feels like so much more than cute.

Oh, and I didn’t find a new stylist after all. I went back to the girl I’d seen just once before, who had given me a good haircut, if not exactly what I’d wanted. This time I pointed at three short-short haircuts and asked her which one she thought would work best for me. She chose one and then gleefully went to work chopping it all off.

Looking back at our first appointment, I think I’d unconsciously given her mixed messages. I’d described a style to her, then picked a photo that a) didn’t match the description I’d just given, and b) wouldn’t really work for my hair texture anyway. So, rightfully, she pointed out that the photo I was pointing at was SHORT, (because what I was describing was NOT SO SHORT.) My fault, and I obviously wasn’t ready at that first appointment to go for it. Isn’t it funny how sometimes we blame others for not giving us what we want, when the real problem was that we didn’t really ASK for it?

Anyway, this time I went in ready to go there, and go there, we did.

And I’m so glad!

I am grateful to everyone for the virtual encouragement. Your comments were ringing in my head as I said, “Ah, let’s quit screwing around and cut it off, already!”

My sexy new ‘do and I thank you.

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