Not sure what your Big Dream is? This message is for you.


About a month ago I wrote about Build Your Big Dream, an intensive, hands-on, hit-the-ground-running class and coaching program I’m offering. The response was mixed. A lot of you were excited, but a little wary of making the commitment of time and money the BYBD program required; many of you asked, “What if I’m just not sure what my dream is?”

That “this sounds great, but…” response was so big, in fact, that I realized I needed to create something to help those of you who are just now starting to think about what you want to do with your life outside of motherhood – those of you who aren’t ready to launch just yet, but need a little more time to dabble and discover.

When you’ve been heavily invested in caring for a family, it’s not always so easy to switch gears and tap into the “dreamer” side of yourself that’s been lying dormant. That’s what Dream Seekers is all about.

It’s a scaled-back, four-week course that will help you start dreaming again, help you focus and find clarity, and get you on the slower road to making your dreams a reality. You’ll get regular activities to get you thinking about those big goals and how to reach them, access to me via weekly live chats, and the support of an active community of dreamers to help encourage you along the way.

Dream Seekers starts later this month, and early-bird pricing of just $179 is available through Wednesday, February 12.  Head over to the registration page to find out more and sign up.

Your dream is out there, just waiting for you to find it. I’d love the opportunity to “dream seek” with you!

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