Sunday Reads: Valentine’s Day candy, nail biting, dealing with sadness, soda addiction, living in a fixer-upper

How’s your weekend? We have friends in town and are having a great time – and I’m very happy the kids have tomorrow off! I think I see a whole bunch of hanging out in my bathrobe and slippers in my near future…

This week I’ve gathered an eclectic bunch of links for your reading pleasure:

Is Valentine’s Day the new Halloween? – from Rage Against The Minivan. It used to just be all about the little cards, but now Valentine’s Day brings with it a slew of pencils, tiny puzzles, plastic doodads, and of course…candy. Kristen offers up some advice on how to manage post-classroom-party goodies.

Getting a child to stop biting his nails – Parent Hacks. Asha’s fabulous step-by-step advice can apply to any bad habit.

are you a sad fish too? – from Flux Capacitor. Maggie May’s beautiful, poetic words do justice to sadness, and how to live with it and around it.

What I’ve been up to:

3 ways to kick the soda habit – would you believe I once had a serious Mountain Dew addiction? Here’s how I kicked it to the curb.

The inside scoop on how The Happiest Mom came to be – a fun Q&A between myself and the editor Elizabeth, who was instrumental in making The Happiest Mom: 10 Secrets To Enjoying Motherhood a fun, helpful read.


The Fixer-Upper – I’m so proud of this guest post I wrote for The Inspired Room about how hard it can be to balance home (and life) improvement with finding contentment in what you have.

Speaking of, a big HELLO to all the readers who are coming over from The Inspired Room! Thanks for stopping by, and I hope you’ll get comfy and stay a while. If you love home-y reading, you might like these posts:

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