Sunday Reads: The not-really-about-9/11 edition

I have spent the better part of last week wondering how to handle my post today.

It didn’t seem right to post a breezy list of links without acknowledging 9/11. It didn’t seem right to skip posting altogether, either, since I’ve promised weekly links.

On the other hand, I am avoiding the 9/11 coverage as much as I can, and really didn’t feel like doing a 9/11 post round-up or tribute or “this is what I remember” post.

It’s not that I’m not thinking about 9/11. I mean, how could any of us not be? It’s been such a part of our daily lives for the last ten years that it somehow feels, simultaneously, like it just happened yesterday and as if it happened when I was a baby and I grew up under its cloud.

Tragic, life-changing, unforgettable…yes, always. It has changed our nation forever in big and small ways over the past ten years. For me personally, it marked a shift toward true adulthood, a loss of innocence. But I don’t feel as though the specific, tragic events of that day are “mine” to mourn to the same degree as those whose losses were specific and personal. Nor do I find that the feelings are fresher today than they were yesterday – the fact that I experienced it all through a television screen rather than by losing a friend or breathing the smoke and dust myself probably has a lot to do with that. Quite the opposite: for me, the years have softened my memories of 9/11; of course I still remember the horror, but just as much I remember a rush of realization of what matters: family, friends, faith, love, hope, all that good stuff that always seems to remain after the dust settles. And while I understand the sentiment to “never forget,” I also don’t want, or need, to make an effort to relive that day. For most of us, it’s never gone away to begin with.

So for those of you who, like me, don’t have a personal 9/11 tragedy to mourn today – or who maybe just need a break from the endless news cycle full of “new, exclusive footage” – I’ve selected a handful of posts that represent a small celebration of things that are important to me: family, home, children, love; the things little and big that make up our fragile, worthwhile lives:

And if you would be so kind, I’d love you to read (and weigh in on) my latest Babble Voices post: What’s worse: dirt or clutter?

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