Sunday Reads: The Mother’s Day Edition

Happy Mother’s Day, everyone! I hope you are up to your eyebrows in snuggles, scrawled “I Love You’s” on construction-paper greeting cards, and maybe a box of candy or three. It’s 2 PM and I just got out of bed half an hour ago, which tells you the kind of day I’m having (though I did manage to eat a big breakfast and finish American Rose, the biography of Gypsy Rose Lee written by Karen Abbott, from my pillows.)

I’m off to the antique store with my niece, so I’m not doing any blog reading this afternoon…but I’ve been saving up goodies all week to share with you today. I hope you can find a few quiet moments to read them!

I hope you’re having a fantastic Mother’s Day, however you’re celebrating. Please share your favorite reads for the week, or let us know how you’re spending your day!

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