Sunday Reads: SimpleMom podcast, saying “yes”, more on having it all, creating a magical summer

It’s a beautiful weekend here! Just a few great links for this gorgeous July (gasp!) day:

  • A new Simple Mom podcast! I love Tsh’s podcasts (and was in one with her a few months back) so I always get excited when a new one comes out. This time she’s talking style with Hayley Morgan from The Tiny Twig.Enjoy!
  • When in doubt, be awesome – Adventures in Babywearing. A short-and-sweet post about saying “yes.” I just love Stephanie.
  • More thoughts on “having it all”  – Punditmom. As a DC-area attorney-turned-writer who became a mother later in life, Joanne has a very different perspective on this topic than I do…but we aren’t so different after all.
  • 10 steps to create a magical summer for kids – Flux Capacitor. I am shocked – shocked, I tell you! – to realize that today is July 1 and our summer break is about 1/3 over. I loved this inspiring post and will definitely be using Maggie’s list to bring more magic into our lives over the next couple months.

Have a wonderful Sunday and I’ll see you here tomorrow.

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