Sunday Reads: simple birthday parties, spring fever, hot mom jeans, happy people and money, gifts of blogging, and more

Happy Sunday! I’m typing this from my bed, not really wanting to face the fact that there’s snow on the ground again. It’s been a full and fun weekend here, so I’ve been enjoying some rest and blog reading this morning. Here are a few gems I’ve found:

Home & Family:

Work & Money:


  • How I like to wear jeans: everyday look  at Petit Elefant. Love how this lady can put together An Outfit starting with my daily staple, a pair of jeans.
  • Can short-haired mamas look cute in winter hats? at Ain’t No Mom Jeans. My friend Shana sent me an email one day asking if I’d test out some winter hats to see how short-hair friendly they are, and so I took a detour during a grocery-shopping trip and had a try-on-a-thon. This post is the result. But I wasn’t the only one trying on hats that day…



I’d love to hear what you’re reading right now. Hope you’re having a great weekend!

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