Sunday Reads: picky eaters, bright styles, finding freedom in limitations, a sense of self

Happy Sunday! I just shot the above photo from my front porch – I guess spring really is officially here. Hard to believe that a little over a week ago, everything was still brown and bare. Now the trees have burst into bloom, tulips are popping up all over, and it feels a little more like May than March.

It’s been a nice weekend. We enjoyed a family movie night on Friday (The Muppets, highly recommend, though it made me cry more than a little) and dinner at a friend’s house last night. And after a day or so of fog and drizzle, it looks like it’s going to be a beautiful, sunny one today – can’t wait to get out and enjoy it.

But of course, for me Sunday means blog reading, too. I’ve got a diverse selection of posts for your reading pleasure this week, covering food, fashion, family and more:

  • Two picky eaters, one dinner strategy – by Annie for SimpleBites. Annie and I have similar food philosophies, but with extremely picky eaters, she’s got some extra challenges in getting a family dinner on the table. Here’s how she deals. (Side note: Aimee, the editor at SimpleBites, has a new baby girl…named Clara! That gave me a big smile)
  • Spring 2012 fashion trend: brights! – by Jo-Lynne for Motherhood Your Way. You aren’t imagining things – the women’s clothing section at Target IS unusually bright this year. I’m always overwhelmed trying to incorporate bold trends into my rather safe wardrobe, but Jo-Lynne offers some suggestions that makes it feel doable.
  • The freedom of constraint – by Asha for Babble Voices. Ever noticed how when there’s less stuff to do you feel more focused, determined, and productive? Love Asha’s post about how limiting your options can make you more, not less, creative.
  • The most important people is me – by Jessica at Sassafrass. We often chalk a child’s supreme sense of self-importance up to immaturity or lack of perspective, but maybe we could all stand to hang on to a little more of it.
  • I’ve been busy at HGTVGardens! I’d love for you to check out my post about getting your supplies and space ready for gardening. Also, did you know that gardening is great exercise?
  • And, I’ve got a new post up at Babble Voices: three myths that can make feeding babies a real bummer. Would love to hear your thoughts.

Hope you had a great weekend, too. I’ll see you here tomorrow for Mindful Monday!

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