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This is the first year I let my kids completely take over the pumpkin-carving process. Sure, I helped them scoop a few of the hard-to-reach guts out of the bottom of the biggest pumpkin, I advised them to make larger eye holes after their first drawn attempts were tiny little circles, and I showed them how to get a good grip on the little serrated knife (how do those things even work?!) they used to cut out the features.

But 99% of the process was all theirs, from the younger boys drawing and carving to my oldest son cleaning and roasting the seeds.

And I couldn’t have loved the results more. First of all, those lopsided, funny-looking jack-o-lanterns are completely adorable, aren’t they? Second, it was so much less work and hassle for me on an already-hectic afternoon. And third, it reminded me of how quickly all parenting phases pass by, including the “why am I bothering to get elbow-deep in pumpkin guts for this toddler who I don’t even think cares and can’t help at all?” phase. 

I hope you had a lovely week, and that you get some relief today if you’re in a challenging parenting phase.

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Here are some of the links Sarah and I enjoyed this week:

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We’re trying something new with our usual Sunday round-up of links this week. Instead of gathering a bunch of links, I’ll share just a few stand-outs, along with a glimpse at our week and some thoughts about parenting and family life. Do you like the new format? Leave a comment and let us know!

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